Days feel like years.
Ready to begin anew.
Why so serious?
I got this today and sticked it on my wall: )
Just tired. ..
I spent more than 10 days at this place which is such a beautiful village and is more than perfect for anybody who wants to live in.
Weeks ago I became a cherry pie after ate a brunch of fresh cherry. And now I’m back.
spanish and italian: So THESE words are feminine and THESE words are masculine, and you ALWAYS put an adjective AFTER the noun. french: haha i dont fuckin know man just do whatever german: LET'S ADD A NEUTRAL NOUN HAHA english: *shooting up in the bathroom* gaelic: the pronounciation changes depending on the gender and what letter the word starts and ends with and hahah i dont even know good fucking luck polish: here have all of these consonants have fun japanese: subject article noun article verb. too bad there's three fucking alphabets lmao hope your first language isn't western welsh: sneeze, and chances are you've got it right. idfk chinese: here's a picture. draw it. it means something. it can be pronounced three different ways. these twenty other pictures are pronounced the same but have very different meanings. godspeed. arabic: so here's this one word. it actually translates to three words. also pronouns don't really exist. the gender is all in the verb. have fun! latin: here memorize 500 charts and then you still dont know what the fuck is happening sign language: If you move this sign by a tenth of an inch, you'll be signing "penis"
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